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Your plan for international education is..
Short-term courses
Explore exchange and volunteer programs to get international experience
College full-time degree
Obtain international undergraduate/graduate college degree with funding
Business education
Take off your career with MBA/EMBA or short-term professional programs
Immigration via education
Smoothly settle down in your dream country through education
You want to study, live and work abroad, but...
Can't decide on the program and major
Do not know how to find and win scholarships and study abroad for free
Do not know your real chances and how to increase it
Don't understand how to prepare all the documents and successfully pass exams
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Who are we?

Dasha Kroshkina

Just a girl, like you, from an ordinary family in small Russian township, who managed to:

- Study and live in Spain absolutely for free during 1 semester ($10,000).
- Win the prestigious Russian President scholarship for education abroad that fully covered double degree in China, including all living expenses, airplane tickets and insurance ($30,000).
- Receive full scholarship to one of the top business schools (#14 in the world ranking) to study MSc of Finance degree, and also separate grant, covering living expenses ($53,000).
- Win the scholarship to take complicated, expensive and the most prestigious professional exam in finance ($2,500).
- Receive the grant for the short-term training program in the USA with lectures in Stanford and work-shops in Silicon Valley ($5,500).
- Receive McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017 with StudyFree initiative
Our students about StudyFree
BA in linguistics, China
If you are dreaming about something long enough, you dream will find yourself. And here I would like to thank Dasha, who entered our classroom one day and told that everyone can study in any country and we do not need to pay crazy amount of money for it. By that moment I had almost lost hope to study in China.. We urgently contacted Dasha, discussed all my options. With my reawaken dream, I started to prepare all the documents. Dasha was guiding me and helping me along the way, which brought me enrollment to my dream university with full scholarship!
If you are dreaming about studying in another country - ask Dasha!
MSc in Finance, UK
I am highly grateful to Dasha and StudyFree! I have received maximum information and minimum problems with application to university. I was professionally guided through the whole process from exams preparation to writing necessary documents. This project accumulates huge amount of highly useful information about studying abroad for free, even full scholarship to Stanford MBA! Highly individual approach to every problem!
I know that this project already helps students in other countries and is expanding abroad!
Artem (feedback from parents)
MSc in biomedical engineering, Germany
Dasha! I sincerely grateful to all highly usefull and incredibly relevant information you provided us with! All my questions: "Where to study? How to apply? What are possible challenges? etc" were fully answered with real life examples. The information is provided in very professional way: easy to understand, logically, but at the same time very caring and emotional!
The results of our work was beyond all my expectations: all my concerns were covered with incredibly qualified and empathy approach.
BA in International relations, China
Dasha, thank you so much for everything you are doing! After the very first meeting my mother finally understood what are the key benefits of studying abroad, who I can benefit from it, that is safe and useful. Thank you that you found right words. And thank you that you are available 24/7. It's very important when you face with such complicated, and life-changing process.

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